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Find Buyers And Earn A 2-5% Commission


We offer a unique entrepreneurial opportunity for individuals and businesses across various countries, including India, Vietnam, China, Turkey, the United States, Europe, and more. By becoming export brokers, they have the chance to earn a generous commission ranging from 2% to 5% of the total cargo value for each successful export transaction they facilitate. It’s a rewarding way to be part of the global trade industry and contribute to the success of international business ventures.

The Export Broker Affiliate Program Opportunity

We have an exciting opportunity for individuals and businesses to earn income by brokering export transactions through our company.

As a broker or affiliate marketer with us, you can earn a commission of up to 2-5% of the total cargo value (terms and conditions apply). Your role would involve finding and introducing international buyers from all around the world.

Once a transaction is initiated, you will sign a commission agreement with us and submit an invoice for your expected commission payments. The commission will be payable to you once the international buyer has made full payments to our company, MENA Resource.

We pride ourselves on prompt payment, and all broker commissions are disbursed within 7 days of us receiving the final payment from the buyer.

This export brokerage/affiliate opportunity is open to businesses and individuals residing in India, Vietnam, China, Turkey, the United States, Europe, Africa, and any other part of the world.

Please note that currently, our brokerage/affiliate program is limited to Lithium Ore and the food and agriculture category listed for export

Join our rapidly growing team of brokers and affiliate marketers today and seize this exciting opportunity.

Export Brokerage Vision

“This is a unique opportunity for people looking to earn a fortune by just sitting at home without the worry of having to do the dirty work.”

We have one core purpose: To help you succeed.

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