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Export Business Consultants

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Export Business Consultants

We offer the best global import export consultancy service. We are world-class international trade consultants & experts.

With our extensive expertise in the international trade industry, we provide world class export consulting services that ensure success for your organization throughout every stage of the export transaction. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet world-class standards and address the challenges faced by both new and existing exporters.

Our wide range of export consulting services include:

1) Online and offline export business training and workshops
2) Comprehensive independent advisory services
3) Feasibility studies and report preparation
4) Locating sources for commodity procurement
5) Supplier selection for commodities
6) Negotiating international contracts
7) Understanding and selecting favorable shipping terms, carriers, and routes
8) Customs clearance and forwarding
9) Warehousing and distribution
10) Import-export documentation
11) Licensing support
12) Implementing world-class import-export record-keeping systems
13) Procuring commodities on behalf of exporters from anywhere in Nigeria
14) Providing international buyer leads
15) Conducting due diligence on local suppliers, sourcing points, and international buyers in specific regions
16) Ensuring payment security and providing consultancy on the export process, including introductions to shipping agents and assistance with product sourcing
17) One-on-one export process guidance, including export advisory, physical trips to sourcing points, education on inland logistics, recommendations for quality inspection bodies, selection of shipping lines, insurance implementation, export process monitoring, review of Letter of Credit Verbiage, and advising on best practices for successful payments
18) Highly accurate Excel sheet calculations for determining real revenue and profits from transactions
19) World-class international business branding services
20) Professional website development
21) Audio-visual animation and advertisement videos that effectively showcase your business to local and international buyers
22) Developing a world-class graphic corporate profile

With our comprehensive export consulting services, we are dedicated to supporting your organization’s growth and success in the global marketplace.

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